Are There Really Any Debt Cures?


Are There Really Any Debt Cures?
By Adam Tijerina

Can you cure your debt problems overnight? Are there secrets that the credit and lending industry wish you did not know? Are they doing their best to keep you drowned under a massive pile of debt with no hope of getting out from under it? This article will attempt to answer those questions using tips from the latest book on debt - Debt Cures.

Are there ways to get rid of your debt problems overnight? No, nothing that is legal anyways. There are ways you can reduce the amounts you owe; you can negotiate your debts down if you are facing collections and the credit card company does not want to risk losing all of what you owe them. Kevin Trudeau in Debt Cures says to show them an income statement and balance sheet showing your assets and liabilities and your ability to pay. If the credit card company can see that you have little to pay them then they may be willing to reduce the amount you owe.

If you are a good customer and pay all your bills on time, you can call up your bank and ask for a lower rate. This is the tip you see all over the net and in most of the finance books by Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey, Kevin Trudeau, and others. You have to do the legwork and ask for a lower rate. Harass them to lower your rate the way a debt collector will harass you if you do not pay. Keep calling, write letters, send emails. If they refuse to budge, go to a bank that will.

There are several ways that people get into bad debt - medical bills, unexpected car troubles, school books, Halo 3, etc. Some of these reasons are unavoidable and some - buying new TVs, buying a new car, buying the latest iPod - are some that should be avoided if you are trying to get out of debt.

The credit card company has no problem lending you money and increasing your credit lines when you keep paying the minimum payments. They love making 10, 15, 20% interest on the money they lend you. And then if you miss a payment or go over your limit, they get to charge you a $29 or $39 fee. When you add this fee onto your annual percentage rate, you are actually pay a much higher rate of interest than the stated rate. This is when it is hard to dig out of debt.

But you know all this stuff right? Many people do, but there are millions who do not take the time to read their statements and watch out for all these hidden fees that compound your debt problems. They have more important things to do. But when you're in debt and struggling to pay the bills, you're full of worry and anxiety and you want a way out. The solution is to take the little time to understand what you are being charged for and control your spending.

The banks do not want you out of debt. They do not want you to pay your balance off every month. They want you to go over your limit, miss a payment or two and they especially want to charge you the highest interest rate possible. How else can anyone explain the Universal Default Clause that more banks are adding to their terms? If you make a late payment to one card, this clause gives any bank the right to charge you a higher rate even though you did not make a late payment to them. How does this help someone who is in a financial bind? It only makes the situation worse and makes it harder for the person making the late payment. And then it starts a downward spiral.

How to get out of debt? Stop watching TV. A.C. Nielsen Co. states that the average American will spend 9 years of their life watching TV. That works out to about 4 hours a day. What does TV watching have to do with getting out of debt? If you're spending your evenings watching TV and you are deep in debt, you're going to stay that way. What you could be doing is working a second job or selling stuff on eBay to make more money. What you could be doing is reading books about making money and personal finance.


There are no overnight debt cures. There are tips you can follow to help you reduce your debt and keep your interest rates low. Do not give the credit card companies an opportunity to get you in their snares. Pay your bills on time, earn more money to pay off your debt faster, spend less than you earn, check your credit score and you can get out of debt.

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